Kumba Iron Ore Manages on-boarding with Passport 360

Kumba Iron Ore produce a high-grade iron ore that is one of the minerals that society needs to develop and prosper. Iron ore is the key component in steel, the most widely used of all metals. It is used in the construction of buildings and bridges, and manufacturing of vehicles and many household appliances.

The production process consists of: exploration; planning and building; mining; processing and blending; shipping; marketing and selling.

Kumba Iron Ore employ over 8 332 people and in 2016 produced 1.5Mt of iron ore.

Kumba Iron Ore, one of the largest opencast Mines that employs about 600 Contracting Companies has rolled out Passport 360 at four of Kumba Iron Ore’s sites.

The main objective of utilising the cloud-based System is to manage compliance in all Operations at real time. The magnitude of Kumba Iron Ore Operations requires constant monitoring of compliance, and readily accessible information in the event of an incident or DMR Investigations. Standing time equates to loss of production and loss of revenue. Being proactive in managing compliance reduces standing time.

With the introduction of the prequalification system integrated within Passport 360 we are now able to assist assists SMME’s to onboard efficiently.


Prior to Passport 360, Kumba Iron Ore managed their safety and quality entirely on paper. This process was long and drawn out and caused lengthy delays and inefficiency. The inconsistent standards and requirements that exist across all sites often resulted in high levels of confusion, duplication, cost inflation and risk.
Executive Summary

Kumba Iron Ore implemented the Passport 360 cloud On-boarding Solution to streamline and improve their Contractor on-boarding times and to save costs

How Passport 360 Helped

Passport 360 met with Kumba Iron Ore to assess their requirements for Contractor Management and customised an online solution to meet their needs. Passport 360 assisted in streamlining the SHE requirements. Kumba Iron Ore’s Contractor Pack and templates were loaded into the platform in a timely and cost-effective manner, allowing for a smooth changeover.

We have rolled out at 4 of Kumba Iron Ore’s sites i.e. Kolomela, Sishen, Saldanha Bay and Kumba Iron Ore Head Office. The main objective of utilising our Cloud-based System was to manage compliance in all Operations.

Our latest development focuses around localisation. We have created a prequalification System which assists SMME’s to on-board. The System is integrated within Passport 360 that allows SMME’s to become SHE compliant before gaining access to Site, and is fully supported by Kumba Iron Ore.

After Passport 360 was implemented, turnaround time for Contractor On-boarding has reduced, time and money has been saved as a result. Management can track and monitor Contractor Compliance anywhere, anytime, in real time.