Hazard Identification Incident Management

Mitigate the risk of accidents, and improve safety outcomes.

Passport 360 allows for early hazard identification and mitigation of possible hazards, enabling clients to accurately manage and document incident investigations.

A dashboard showing risk areas and a chart showing rich levels from low to extreme.
A man wearing safety gear is in front of a heavy-duty machine that is lowering a large pipe into a trench..

Encourage early hazard identification through proactive notifications to enable you to achieve zero harm.

  • Allows for the collection of live data from contractors and employees, respectively.
  • Captures all steps in incident investigations including images and severities.
  • View hazards reported by contractors and employees, add, and manage mitigation options with a team.
  • Generate reports on all hazards registered as well as the measures implemented to deal with them.
  • All reports are stored in one location.

Included in some plans

Hazard Identification, Incident Management and other features are included only in our Enterprise plans. Find out more about what works for your business.

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