Project Compliance

Project Compliance software improves safety outcomes across all your projects and operations, for visitors, contractors and your internal workforce.

We enable you to set up a full spectrum of project compliance parameters including the management of documentation, people, equipment, and relevant legal requirements, allowing for a holistic real-time view of all contractors and their KPI compliance. This translates into increased transparency, productivity, and reduced risk.

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Trusted by over 3,000+ businesses, Passport 360 has over 180 000 Health and Safety files created to increase compliance helping organisations to.

  • Monitor and maintain compliance in real-time.
  • Digitise workflows to speed-up site approvals.
  • Ensures all documentation up to date.
  • Assign and track project related KPIs.
  • Keeps users updated on documentation expirations.
  • Tracks and keeps records of all documentation.
  • Tracks and keeps all records of approvals and rejections of the supplied information
  • Contractors have a single profile they can take everywhere and utilise on different projects.
  • Clients can approve all compliance items, anywhere, anytime (Web and mobile phone application)
  • Ensures set approval process are followed.
How Passport 360 helps

Our powerful solution enables end-to-end compliance, by bringing together all the tools you need to enable seamless onboarding, contract management and monitoring of equipment, projects, and workforce in real-time.

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People Management

Track credentials such as competencies, legal appointments, PPE, work permits and equipment licenses (and many more) across the workforce in a single view via a digital ‘passport’ or profile that is utilised across reporting divisions, sites, and projects, providing access to all information linked to an internal and external workforce.

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Equipment Manager

Management of company-owned and cross-rented / sub hired equipment on-site, providing access to all information linked to serialised and non-serialised equipment within one view. Helping to provide equipment standards and licensing requirements. We also provide proactive alerts regarding expiring equipment documentation to responsible parties. Tagging and tracking is available in real time.

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Audit Manager

Schedule automated audit processes for your contractor community’s Project Compliance Files at user-defined intervals.

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Power BI and Analytics

Consolidating and analysing data with interactive and customisable dashboards and widgets, e.g., Overall compliance percentage per site and/or project.

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Workflow Manager

Facilitating approval processes and assigning them to multiple streams of data to assist with getting approvals seamlessly and quickly, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

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PPE Manager

Allowing companies to control, manage and issue PPE to their workforce and contractors.

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Work Permits

Enabling customisable question sets and Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) file criteria to be generated, including people management with time-controlled documents, thus allowing the electronic issuing of work permits.

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Passport 360’s built-in messaging system strengthens communication between employees, service providers and stakeholders.

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Making documentation available to relevant individuals and stakeholders. With your templates and policies uploaded to the system, service providers and employees have instant access to documentation relevant to them.

Included in all plans

Project Compliance and other features are included in our Essentials, Premium and Enterprise plans. Find out more about what works for your business.

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