Covid-19 Management

Helping manage human contact interactions and manage to spread of COVID-19

We leverage the latest cloud technology to automate complex safety and compliance processes, one of which allows us through use of the Covid-19 Management module, to provide a digital Contact-tracing solution.

A system dashboard showing various card data and graphs.
A man wearing a construction hat and a face mask while standing in a factory.

Visualise check-in points to see contact with each person and a list of all people exposed to the person during a specified period

  • Contractors and employees can scan their QR code at the relevant check-in points during their workday
  • Set-up virtual check-in points on-site Use a current mobile device or a rugged device for check points, using the app’s online and offline functionality.
  • GPS co-ordinates are tracked, and time stamped
  • AI reconciliation of all check-in data points to establish contact tracing
  • View contact tracking within the site location by check-in point or employee by date and time

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COVID-19 Management and other features are included only in our Enterprise plans. Find out more about what works for your business.

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