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Our Company

Passport 360 is a pioneer in creating online health and safety platforms that allow for organisations to optimise their online administration, health & safety, procurement and compliance needs.

Passport 360 is a cloud-based platform that enables improved performance in procurement and on-boarding times, compliance management, increased productivity, time management as well as safety management, all while supporting self-regulation and transparency.

Passport 360 continuously updates the system according to emerging trends and needs to ensure that we are always at the forefront of our service offering.

Passport 360 has partnered with several strategic, localized, registered training providers to develop and deliver an integrated approach to learning and safety compliance. Our reseller partner in Australia is Work Safe Connect.

Our Purpose

We believe improving visibility around compliance and risk will lead to a safer and more productive workplace. Simplified and accessible systems allow for greater participation from all stakeholders, which greatly improves productivity, cost savings and risk management outcomes.

To assist our clients with improved overall organisational efficiencies from the moment the first contractor is engaged all the way to the end of your project. Passport 360 ensures transparency, productivity and efficiency within the procurement and on-boarding process.

We aim to change and improve processes using technology that will lead to better and more sustainable outcomes for all Clients and stakeholders.

Our Team

Siobahn Whitehead

CEO and Co-Founder
Passport 360

Simon Warne

CTO and Co-Founder
Passport 360

Jabulani Msomi

Senior Developer
Passport 360

Simonne Ricardo-Mettam

Head of Operations
Passport 360