Passport 360 is an online solution that enables you to upload all the necessary compliance documents, link employees, tools, vehicles and equipment which you and your client can view anytime, anywhere.

Passport 360 helps to speed up the on-boarding process and optimises client engagement and interaction.

The system provides online Safety Packs that eliminate the need to submit hard copy Safety files to clients for every new project. Company documentation can be uploaded and stored, allowing your client to view the necessary documentation and validate compliance a lot quicker.

The site is able to view your contractor pack in advance and advise you of shortfalls on the pack before arrival on site.

Make on-boarding a pleasure with Passport 360

  1. Reduce standing time
  2. Plug and play solution
  3. No IT support required
  4. No locked-in contract
  5. Requires no upfront development costs
  6. No hardware investment required

The system looks at FOUR ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS and links these together into one holistic view:


  1. Storing HSE Files in a Cloud-Based Solution that can be accessed anywhere, anytime
  2. Making it easier for your client to choose you as their Service Provider
  3. Shortening your project time by being ready to start the job straight away with no delays.
  4. Notifying you automatically when your safety requirements are due for renewal or if any of your compliance documents are rejected
  5. Enhance your contractor standing with access to additional e-learning courses
  6. Having real-time communication with your client and receiving their latest news and announcements
  7. View industry-specific skilled and available labour force
  8. Offering you real-time reporting and trend analysis