Safety and procurement processes require numerous compliance checks to be conducted on Service Providers and employees, prior to work commencing. Contractors can take weeks to comply with safety requirements which results in unnecessary standing times that cost companies millions every year.

Passport 360 has created a simple, step-by-step activation wizard that allows you, as the corporate client, to set and manage your procurement and compliance requirements with ease.

All required documentation can be uploaded by Service Providers, linking employees, tools and equipment to form an online contractor information pack.

Make on-boarding a pleasure with Passport 360

  1. Improved project delivery times
  2. Plug and play solution
  3. Compliance Dashboards improve transparency
  4. Live reporting and easy access to important information
  5. No locked-in contract
  6. Improved and efficient on-boarding of contractors
  7. No hardware investment required

The system looks at FOUR ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS and links these together into one holistic view:


  1. Holistic approach improves visibility
  2. Time and cost reduction
  3. Efficient management allows time for other support tasks
  4. Tracking and monitoring in real-time
  5. System alerts via SMS, push, social media and email
  6. Advanced and in-depth reporting allows focus on problem areas
  7. Improved safety management
  8. Improved performance management
  9. Improved communication and training to contractor communities